Environmental Leadership

We are always looking to build better homes. That’s why Foxridge Homes voluntarily partakes in the BC Energy Step Code and Natural Resource Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System – two green building programs designed to improve the energy-efficiency of newly built homes. What are the benefits of having an energy-efficient home? Find out below.


A More Comfortable Home

Our single family homes go through various design consultations, technical modelling, and rigorous third-party testing (such as the blower door air tightness test) to ensure they perform beyond the efficiency requirements of the BC Building Code resulting in a more comfortable home.

To achieve this, our homes are built with high performance building envelopes (well insulated walls, ceilings, and triple glazed windows*), energy efficient appliances, LED lights, and high efficiency mechanical systems including heat recovery ventilators*, condensing high efficiency gas furnaces, and gas powered hot water. All these items contribute to a healthier and more airtight home leading to significantly reduced drafts, more consistent temperatures throughout, less noise transmission, and cleaner air.

*Dependent on subdivision


Potential Cost Savings

Reduced energy consumption often leads to lower utility bills and therefore more affordable home ownership. In addition to these potential cost savings, our homes are built with durable materials such as TJI engineered floor systems which resist warping and shrinking, finger-joint studs that are stronger than conventional framing lumber, and low maintenance 30-year laminate shingles; this means fewer repairs and home renovations, and less waste in the landfill.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) also offers a green home energy-efficient housing refund of up to 25%. EnerGuide homes with a rating of at least 15% lower than “a typical new house” are eligible for 15% CMHC premium refunds and those with ratings of at least 40% lower than “a typical new house” can qualify for a 25% refund. To find the rating for your Foxridge home, look at the EnerGuide label affixed to the electrical panel of your new home. For more details on CMHC’s cash back program, please visit CMHC’s website here.


Lower Environmental Impact

Not only is a “green” home more comfortable, durable and affordable, but it is also better for the environment. By purchasing an energy efficient home, you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cutting your carbon footprint, and leaving more for future generations to enjoy.

If you have more questions regarding our energy-efficient homes or how to read your EnerGuide label, please reach out to our Sales Representatives.


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