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May 3, 2021

The Differences Between a Production Home Builder, Independent Builder, and Custom Builder

There are typically three types of single family home builders in Metro Vancouver, a production home builder, independent home builder, and custom home builder. To better understand the differences between these types of home builders, keep reading.

Production Home Builder

Production (or tract/spec) single family home builders, like us, purchase large numbers of developed lots, design a set number of “standard” floorplans, and then builds and sells these “standard plan” homes on the lots to form an attractive and cohesive-looking master-planned community. Production homes are generally more affordable and have a quicker completion date because of the following:

However, to maintain the streamlined build time and costs, production home builders typically offer a limited number of preset personalization options and upgrades (such as those offered in our Design Centre), and do not allow for changes to the structure/floorplan of the home.

Independent Home Builder

Independent home builders operate similarly to a production single family home builder but on a much smaller scale. They buy land (individual lots or smaller serviced parcels), build the homes, and then sell the homes. If the home is sold while under construction, an independent builder may offer more flexibility and customization when it comes to making changes to the floorplan or structure of the home than with a large-volume production builder.

Custom Home Builder

Custom home builders construct one-of-a-kind homes (or renovations), designed by the purchaser’s architect/designer, on land that is typically already owned by the purchaser. With a custom home builder, the buyer is very involved and has much more say when it comes to the design and construction of the home. The design possibilities and customization options are endless, and merely limited by budget. A custom single family home is more expensive and time consuming to build than a similar-sized production home due to the lack of volume discounts and economies of scale. Pricing also widely varies depending on the materials and finishes selected by the buyer since they are not limited to a predefined menu of choices.

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